Flowers are the most crucial part of wedding decor. With the onset of covid19, home weddings have become increasingly popular. This article will be a guide to help you transform your house into a breath-taking wedding venue with easy flower arrangements.

First and foremost, decide where the wedding will take place – terrace, living room, or balcony. It will help you decide on the color and theme and build on it. Flowers can be incorporated in numerous ways – bunched on tables for a delicate touch; or in corners to add a pop of color.

If you have a beautiful backyard, put it to use! Rent a tent, preferably a white-colored one. It will open up endless possibilities on the theme front. Plus, you won’t have any hassle if you have a change of heart over the theme.

Floral Installations

Floral installations have become a crucial element of home wedding decor. Floral monograms, chic wall art, floral chandeliers, and framed floral shadow boxes are some of the many floral installations that can be used to deck up your house.

Flowers are artful, unique, and attention-grabbing; pairing them with home decor pieces can be another way to fancy up your home. Incorporate them with the existing furniture in your house, turning them into statement pieces. You can use them at the entrances or in the corners. They can also act as props for photoshoots. Whatever is your style, don’t be afraid to experiment. Colorful flowers, props, and containers of different shapes and sizes, dried flowers are ideal for home weddings.

Along with intricate vases, flowers pair well with candles and wine glasses. You can revamp your home with candles and flowers combination. It’ll work perfectly if you have a night wedding. You can use candles as centerpieces to spruce up the table decor or as corner highlighters.

A unique and alternative way to include wine glasses in the wedding is to use them as vases. Put rose bouquets in small glasses or flowers in upturned wine glasses; it doesn’t hurt that they add a romantic vibe. Moyses Stevens Flowers has a wide variety of flowers to choose from for all your wedding décor.; you can even get flower delivery in London on the same day of your order, all seven days a week. They also take orders for next-day delivery across the UK, so you don’t have to worry about any last-minute preps.

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers as decor are becoming more attractive day by day. They are cost-effective, are easily transportable, and can be used in the future too. These flowers can be used for a long time to come if kept safe.

Structured Floral Arrangements

You can hang flowers from the ceilings or walls using wire mesh, tape grid, or other structured arrangements. This looks very classic and elegant. Use bright, green-colored wreaths to adorn the doors.

You can pair flowers with other botanical elements such as blueberry branches, leaves, and stems. They give a fresh and unique look; green adds a bit of character to the decor.